Re: #4 - My questions

From: shali9 (
Tue Aug 21 21:39:17 2001

> Dear Shali, if I may be so humble as to make a suggestion, perhaps you
might > look into adhesions as part of the problem? You might also let anyone
speak to > your problem who has had something close. You are analyzing it too
tightly. Love > and with good intention, Sally

Well, I believe I indicated the diagnosis which is Cecal Volvulus, a dangerous condition indeed where the cecum, which is usually hung up by ligaments, becomes mobile and it is not supposed to be mobile. Two things that cause it are genetic and pelvic masses. I did have a pelvic mass and the cecal volvulus was probably missed at the time. The mobility causes it to fold and twist and it accumulates waste material and the material cannot get past the obstruction its causing. This is what my xrays clearly show. Again, my original questions stated I was looking for someone who has had a subtotal colectomy as this is what I am going to be having done so I am trying to find out what life is like with one part removed. A cecal volvulus requires a resection, but in my case the procedure is going to be different based on my history. I didnt intend to subscribe to an adhesion list, it was the only place that came up when list serve + subtotal colectomy was searched. So, yes, this is exactly what Im looking for - someone who has had something close; either a subtotal colectomy or a cecal volvulus. Doesnt seem to be anyone here with a subtotal


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