Re: question - Janet...Lupron?

Tue Aug 21 23:40:56 2001

Dear Janet:

The only thing that was tried with me was birth control pills and since she put me on the lowest dosage available it caused break-through bleeding and cramping. Well, there was so much pain involved with my periods that I made the mistake of panicing and said I will not go through another period, please just take it out. Well, now I am not in pain 7 days out of the month anymore, just 31. I should have had a second opinion and throughly investigated my options before I made the rash decision I made. I am thankful that I am not bleeding almost the whole month any longer (I was trying to think of anything positive that came out of the hysterectomy) and yes, I am not bleeding through all my clothing and throwing away my underwear anymore and can actually buy silky, pretty underwear. Oh yes, another positive thought - I enjoyed throwing all my cotton blood stained undies into the garbage can.

Love ya,


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