#4 - My questions

From: shali9 (shali9@icdc.com)
Mon Aug 20 23:16:50 2001

Okay, here are my questions for those of you who have had a subtotal colectomy. I prefer hearing from only those who have had this procedure in order to be able to compare the same notes. Another procedure would be different than this, therefore not the same experience.

I was trying to find people with subtotal colectomies and there are no list serves specifically for that. A friend of mine gave me this list serve and I see some of you have had this procedure done. Unfortunately, Im sorry to be reminded [when I forgot] about the post surgical complications such as adhesions. Its enough to make you wonder if you should even keep trying to get well. So here are some REAL personal questions, keeping in mind I still have a colon and REMEMBERING what its like for it to function. I am keeping the questions as much to the point as possible and would appreciate the answers in the same way in order to understand your answer. Then after the answer if you want to add more, you can add it. When you answer back, also tell me WHY you had the subtotal colectomy done:

1) THE DOCTOR TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE 5-7 BOWEL MOVEMENTS PER DAY. HOW MANY ARE YOU HAVING? I have had contact with people who are having like 12 in other types of procedures [I thought they were different procedures but now Im not sure], but just how much difference can leaving 20% of the colon in, really make? In other words, how does leaving 20% in really differ from an ileostomy? Wont transit time be about the same?

2) WHAT IS IT GOING TO FEEL LIKE to have the urge if I am going to be going to the bathroom 5-7 times per day? Explosive? I will have a sphincter muscle but how long can I hold it? Like a normal person?

3) CAN THIS PROCEDURE BE DONE LAPRASCOPICALLY? I have read there are two instances where this would be contraindicated and that is being pregnant or too much scar tissue

4] WHAT ABOUT SEPRAFILM? What is it and does it work? My take is it is for preventing the ability of adhesions to spread. Just scanned info on this so I dont know. Iíve been thru two surgeries three months apart for adhesions as it is. Donít need to be going thru a fifth surgery on account of THIS. Who HASN'T this worked for? And why?



7] THESE 5-7 BOWEL MOVEMENTS: Am I going to have to use the bathroom every time I eat??? Do I have to excuse myself while everyone else doesnt have to WORRY about it? Am I going to have to go in the middle of sex???? What about taking a trip in the middle of the desert???

8] GAS: What about expelling gas? Will I even know the difference between gas and having to have a bowel movement? Or am I going to have a mess?

Maybe some of you are laughing because half of this doesn't exist but you drum up all kinds of things when you feel like you might be going to the other end of the pendulum!

Lastly, I dont expect an answer on this one, but I definitely wont get one if I dont post this:

9] If a structural problem is found and the surgery of choice is a resection, I have had no function for 5 years and dependent on colonic irrigation. What are the chances it is going to resolve after addressing the problem? Because this time, with surgery on the colon, I will not be able to relieve myself with colonics for at least 6 weeks. Is a resection a mistake in this situation?

Thanx for all your help! Think I'll go to bed now!


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