Re: re To Sally

Tue Aug 21 17:47:04 2001

Kath, Hi, I am new to all of this but read your letter to Sally and just felt terrible. I hae also been suffering with adhesions for years. Not very painful (yet) but uncomfortable. I went for a cat scan w/contrast today of the abdomen-pelvic area. In your letter you mentioned that you lost everything due to adhesions. Could you please fill me in on your symptoms and the areas that were affected? To leave you in a wheelchair is unbelieveable. Doctors have also told me that it was in my head. One even had the nerve to give me prozac. Two weeks after that I had laproscopy (by another DR.) he was amazed of all the adhesions that I had. Even told my husband that he couldn't believe I wasn't in more pain. During that peroid I was depressed and didn't know what to do. I almost started thinking that mabey it was in my head. Anyway, Never give up!!!!!!!! Thank you Lori

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