Re: re To Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Aug 21 21:09:55 2001

Dear Shali, I have written to Kath many times about other medical problems. She has been a great source of strength to all. I've replyed in private for various reasons. Please look on the adhesions quilt for her whole story Remember, that's the place we all tell our stories. Anyway, the bottom line is she has severe adhesions after a lifetime of open cut operations. You won't find mention of every operation that we've all had on most of our e-mails. We're a great big family and it would take too long. That's what the quilt is for after initially giving your story as you are doing. After you have been here awhile, you also get to know people better and you don't need to know all that has happened in each email. Just go to the quilt if you forget. I'm glad she felt free to write to us and let us know how she is doing. Love, Sally

shali9 wrote:

> Trying to figure out what the illness is on this. I dont seem to find that
> part.
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