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Tue Aug 21 01:23:35 2001

Dear Robin,

Welcome sounds like you're recovery is going very well so far...yay!! Do you want me to send you some puzzle books I still have left from my recovery?!...that's a great way to pass time, I love the cryptograms.

I have discaovered this week that the benefits of Fudgesicles are enhanced if you also supplement your diet with at least one Tootsie Poll Pop(heehee). Glad your hubby is so good to you and staying home to help this week...that's beautiful!

Love ya,


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Dear All

Thanks for the emails! Recovery is going well. It is boaring, boaring,

boarding!!! I go on Tues. to get the staples out. The surgeon used 2

packages of seprafilm on me! I did have some new adhesions since

Germany, but the Dr said he thought the surgeries in Germany did a lot

of good for me. I had adhesions on my bladder my intestines. I sent

an email to Dr Korell he was happy to hear things were going well for

me, What a MAN, SURGEON, PERSON!! I am off the MS Cotin am controling

my surgical pain with vicodin. I know the pain I have now will go away.

I just hope that the pain will not return. I haven't really kept up

with what is going on with everyone on the board, but, I hope everyone

is fine, soon, I will feel up to sitting here reading everything.

For now, I feel up to posting how I am doing. Dan is taking the week

off to help me. He is such a good man, I am not sure what I did to

deserve him, but, I got him am not letting him go!! love to all


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--- Janet Karam


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