Re: If you have had surgery recently, please share your recovery with Diane.

From: Marianne Bolding (
Tue Aug 21 00:27:24 2001

Diane, Boy, I was told I should feel better in 3-4 days by my doc. My lysis was June 28th of this year and I'll tell you!! It took me 4-5 weeks. I felt like I was never going to get better. I slowly tried to do things around the house as my form of recuperating quicker. And that was rough... I always wanted to go back and lay down. Making the depression a little worse. (I also went through a serious post surical depression). Then, truly, mentally this site was a big help...just talking and listening to others. Talk to us here to get it off your chest. We discuss just about everything...and sometimes its just personal chit chat to learn about everyones elses lives. We hope to hear from you. Have you entered your story on the adhesions quilt? There are many wonderful stories. Just enter into the "Adhesions Society". Had you had appendicitis before or a previous surgery? Hope to hear back from you...and you may e-mail me personally if you wish. I talk alot and listen very well. :-) Prayers you feel better-Marianne Bolding > "I had my adhesiolysis in Augusta, Ga. three weeks
> ago. A general surgeon and gyn Dr. did my surgery
> laparoscopic. I had adhesions in my pelvic area and
> in my intestines also wrapped around my appendix.
> All the adhesions were taken out.
> "I am still sore and my stomach is a little swollen.
> How long does it take for the soreness and
> disconfort to leave my adomen. I am so depressed.
> Since you have had a lysis I thought maybe you would
> know.
> "I don't have anyone I can talk with. I appreciate
> anything you can share with me."
> Diane

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