Chrissie----Re: Recovery ~Robin

From: Marianne Bolding (
Tue Aug 21 00:09:47 2001

Well, that made me laugh...I hope Robin didn't laugh so hard it hurt. You are so funny, Chrissie...I love reading your e-mails. Marianne --- wrote: > Sooooooooo good to hear from you Robin! No more
> pain drugs for the pain,
> only for the healing..........YEAH!!! Doing
> cartwheels around the living
> room......whops - just stepped on the
> puppy........hee ehee <<holding my
> glass of milk high>>>> here is a toast to you Robin,
> that you may never feel
> the awful devil pain EVER, in your life again.
> Love and gentle healing hugs to you Robin,
> ~Chrissie xo's

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