Nancy and moving

From: Marianne Bolding (
Mon Aug 20 23:44:55 2001

Aww... How sweet Nancy...the kitties...that is. You are busy-busy. Don't over-do yourself...I know you're excited. I decided to paint the front wall of my garage...when I look out my kitchen window...all I used to see was white 9 yr. old peeling paint. I scraped it before (like 6 months ago...never finished because of pain). Now that I'm almost two months post-op from adhesions I felt I should try to attempt to finish the job. I didn't...but, almost. It's a desert tan color...I'm gonna paint the trim green. and my gate...a deep, dark desert hue of purple. I love color. That is what I'm thankful for today...color. I'm glad the world isn't black and white. Color brings everything to live (so does a good slab of paint)...Now I'm in pain with a bad back ache and muscle aches all throughout...regurgitated only once bending over to paint. It's only about 99!!!LOL I wish I could slow myself down...but, I can't. Congrats again, Love, Marianne --- "Nancy E. Hale" <> wrote: > Dear Sweet Sally:
> I'm sure your living area is respectably "lived-in",
> relative to your
> illness and post-surgery condition.
> If you want to change your hubby's tune, send him up
> here for a couple of
> hours - I can only partially unpack due to the
> on-going construction of my
> new computer & crafts room, new dining room, and
> additional living room, so
> I have almost every corner stacked with boxes of
> craft supplies, china,
> crystal, ornaments, etc., PLUS we have hardly
> brought anything over from
> Chester's house - Shawn's toys, dressers, dishes,
> furniture, and all the
> other stuff that we had dug out of storage in the
> trailer because I felt a
> need for it that hasn't gotten brought back yet.
> I'm sure when he got back to the Inn, he would sweep
> you off your feet and
> tell you what a fine housekeeper you are ;)
> And thanks everyone for the congrats. Janet, I know
> exactly how you felt
> when your kitties were once again in bed with you -
> my two have had the
> full run of the house for 3 months, and it felt a
> little strange last night
> to have four of us in the bed, especially when two
> were shedding like crazy
> *LOL*
> Nancy in NB
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