Re: Marianne - gratitude - music

From: Marianne Bolding (
Mon Aug 20 23:33:58 2001

I love that line...."I feel like I'm switching radio stations as I walk down the hall." That's too funny. Rollin'- Rollin'- Rollin' on a river. I like Creedence, too. And you hit it on the money with music...there's always a song for any form of mood you're in. I use it as stress management. If I'm hyper I listen to something mellow, and vice-versa. If I'm sad I never listen to sad tunes unless I want the cry...I go upbeat. Just pick something opposite your mood. When I'm in pain...I always pick Sting. He's too eclectic. You're so sweet...Marianne --- Wally <> wrote: > Hi Marianne!
> Our house is always FULL of music...LOL with three
> teenage daughters,
> each with their own stereo in their rooms, I feel
> like I am switching
> the dial on a radio as I walk up the hallway! LOL

> I have music for serious house cleaning....thats
> usually The Angels or
> some heavy metal, I LOVE Creedance Clearwater for
> their beat & lyrics, I
> LOVE irish balads and celtic music....and my fondest
> memories with my
> teenage friends is singing every word CONSTANTLY of
> all of Meatloafs
> songs.
> :-) it's really funny when one of the girls express
> their pleasure in a
> certain song & Shane or I say yea....that was a huge
> hit back in '72 or
> '82...whatever. They are sooo shocked that we know
> the songs! LOL
> *giggle* they keep forgetting that their dad's first
> job when he left
> school was as a DJ on our local radio station!
> I agree Marianne that we should be grateful for the
> music in our lives,
> there is plenty to reflect our mood....and plenty to
> up lift our spirits
> when it is needed. My 13 year old ask me the other
> day if one of her
> sister's & her could sing a song for their father at
> his 40th birthday
> party in October. The song they have chosen is Hero
> - one of Maria
> Carey's (I don't think I have spelt her name
> correctly...)songs. It is
> perfect for where we find ourselves at this point in
> our lives.
> best wishes to you and your spirit Marianne
> love, hugs & cheers,
> Jo (Australia)
> At Sun, 19 Aug 2001, marianne bolding wrote:
> >
> >I have gratitude today for music. It can touch my
> >heart and reach a part of my spirit that nothing
> else
> >can reach. My favorite artist is that babe
> >"Sting"...I love his lyrics and his rythym. (that
> >spelling doesn't look right...rythm?) You can
> feel
> >like doo doo and your favorite song can come on and
> >completely make you forget. My husband can yell at
> me
> >and I'll sneak off to a silent place and listen to
> >some headphones and I feel better. Music. Where
> >would the world be without any form of music?
> Marianne
> --
> Positive Affirmation
> Say this with your hands above your head
> (victory style) and repeat three times:
> I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!
> That should get you smiling!

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