Re: Tonight=> Within These Walls - A movie about the life of Sister Pauline, Bev's friend!

From: Marianne Bolding (
Mon Aug 20 22:59:29 2001

The Lifetime channel in AZ (Tucson) aired Unsolved Mysteries instead. "Within these Walls" is listed in the t.v. guide, just didn't come on. :-( Marianne --- Helen Dynda <> wrote: > "Within These Walls" - A movie about the life of
> Sister Pauline, who is
> a friend and associate of Beverly Doucette.
> Tonight is the night for Sister Pauline Quinn's
> story!!
> LIFETIME TV (Channel 24) at 8:00 PM Central Daylight
> Time!! Check TV
> GUIDE for Channel number and time -- in your time
> zone.
> (See previous message for more information.)

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