Re: Gratitude Journal Entry

From: Marianne Bolding (
Mon Aug 20 23:10:36 2001

You go girl....been a long wait!!!! How'd you like that bed? Bet you slept well. :-) Love, Marianne P.S. You sure can do a heck of a lot with a small trailer if you're inspired, huh?! --- "Nancy E. Hale" <> wrote: > Well, Girls and guys, I have an entry for the
> gratitude journal.
> (Drum roll please)
> After 3.5 months of very hard work and camping out
> with cold running water
> but no hot, limited power, and sleeping on the
> hide-a-bed (God that thing
> is uncomfortable!), we have moved back into the
> trailer!!!!!!!!! *LOL* It's been a long hard
> journey.
> My mobile home had to be moved as I had not bought
> the land it was sitting
> on. After I quit work May 4th, we started packing
> everything up, jacked up
> the two rooms that were built onto the side of it,
> hired a tow truck, and
> moved the whole 9 yards 12 miles away to my Other
> Half's property. We then
> had to moved his house (older, tiny, and
> unfinished), level the land, moved
> the trailer into position, and then renovate it.
> Although the renovations are not completely
> finished, I have a brand new
> bathroom and laundry room, Shawn's room (my stepson)
> has been
> semi-redecorated, and the master bedroom reattached,
> and we can live here
> again. We still have a section to build, as we are
> completely doubling the
> size of the trailer to make it 60' long and 24'
> wide, which has always been
> my dream.
> In spite of the pain of ARD and fighting my GP to
> get proper treatment, I
> am going to have a home that I can be proud of.
> Hope everyone can find something they can rejoice in
> today.
> Grinning from ear to ear (I sleep in a real bed
> tonight!!!!)
> Nancy in NB
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