To Wally Jo from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Aug 18 21:04:19 2001

Dear Wally Jo, What does cherry wood smell like? I've burned redwood, cedar, oak, madrone, eucalyptus, fir, acatia etc. They're all different. I bet you have different trees from us. Is there any special smell to cherry wood. I had an old pear tree that finally fell over. We seasoned the wood and hoped that it would be special, but it was really all in my head. Anyway, I'm grateful that we don't need a fire and that I have you as a friend. Love and kisses, Sally

P.S. I just reread your e-mail and realized you're not burning cherry wood, but have a cheery fire. Oh, well. What kind of wood are you burning? I think I need to fill up the holes in my head with something. Any ideas?

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