Sally - Red Box

From: Wally (
Sun Aug 19 08:27:22 2001

Hi Sally!!

I just love you sooo much! You had me thinking when I started to read your post....I thought...mmmm cherry wood....what DOES it smell like...LOL Our fire is a slow combustion stove, so we don't really smell the fire, we also have reverse cycle air conditioning throughout the house. The fire we just put on when the days are particularly tends to make our whole family feel snug and know what I mean?

The wood we burn is yellow or red box (gum trees), it is very hot burning wood, and burns slowly, so you can have a great warm fire with just a couple of logs.

On the subject of trees, out of our native varieties, Wattle is another of my favourites. It reminds me of my grandfather, he had a wonderful Wattle tree in his backyard, it was a medium sized tree, that had all the lower branches pruned. In spring & summer when the wattle blooms, the tree looked like a huge yellow unbrella in the yard. Pop used to put his BBQ under it & cook us great feasts! Especially at Christmas, because of course we celebrate it in the middle of summer!

How can I describe a wattle flower?.............It is like a very tiny puffy looking ball, and when you look at wattle closely you see that it is made up of hundreds of these little fluffy balls. There are many varieties, from shrubs through to trees. Different areas around Australia have different varieties to suite the climate.

In our last House Sally, I had a wonderful walnut tree! Actually, I think Shane & I bought that house because of the tree! LOL we haven't planted any here, but we can see plenty. :-)

I could go on forever about our trees & native flowers....they are very unusual & many unique to Australia...bit like some of our animals! There is another tree which has red flowers & it is called a bottle brush....yep, the flowers look just like a bottle brush. There are lots of varieties of bottle brush too.

Oh Sally, as for filling up those holes in your head.....don't you dare! I love you just the way you ALWAYS manage to put a smile on my face.

At Sat, 18 Aug 2001, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Dear Wally Jo, What does cherry wood smell like? I've burned redwood, cedar,
>oak, madrone, eucalyptus, fir, acatia etc. They're all different. I bet you
>have different trees from us. Is there any special smell to cherry wood. I had
>an old pear tree that finally fell over. We seasoned the wood and hoped that
>it would be special, but it was really all in my head. Anyway, I'm grateful
>that we don't need a fire and that I have you as a friend. Love and kisses,
>P.S. I just reread your e-mail and realized you're not burning cherry wood,
>but have a cheery fire. Oh, well. What kind of wood are you burning? I think I
>need to fill up the holes in my head with something. Any ideas?

Positive Affirmation

Say this with your hands above your head (victory style) and repeat three times: I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!

That should get you smiling!

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