Re: Endometriosis after total hyster.(twice)&psuedo cysts&choc. cysts&pain!

From: Wally (
Sat Aug 18 00:01:53 2001

Hi Deborah,

I think our stories sound a little similar! I had a rather large cyst drained on Monday, but thankfully I was under anesthetic & my Gyno used ultrasound to guide the needle. He knows me too well, and decided that me asleep was the only way to go!

I have a friend from IAS in Queenslad (Australia) who suffered with endometriosis for many years, and endured multiple surgeries to remove it. Trace explained endo to me (I have been recently diagnosed with it) and said that after a hystorectomy & ovary removal, we can still have endo re-occur, and that stress is a contributing factor!

Trace is now pain free & enjoying her life for the first time in years! So I guess that means there IS hope for us Beborah, Trace felt that I still had at least one other surgery to go before I would be pain free.

Helen Dynda posted some interesting facts on Cysts etc just a few days ago, if you look back to mid week, you should find the links which may be helpful to you.

Cheers, Jo (Australia)

At Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Deborah C. wrote: >
>Angry I am, but keeping positive. Coming to the conclusion they(Drs)
>haven't got a clue. From misdiagnosis to danazol to 16 surguries, 3
>major(scars going hip to hip)(last one was June 28,2000) and a fialed 6
>month lupron injection prior to the last surgury.. All of this and
>today, I presently have 5 cysts from 5cm and smaller (solid) from the
>trans. vag. ultrasound showings and the conversation consisted
>of..."It may be cancer but I doubt it, It could be more psyeudo cysts
>but you collected the fluid alot quicker last time(approx. 5 months
>ago) with the cyst measurement being 35cmx32cm being drained in his
>office throu the vagina with a needle we won't even describe, but I
>doubt it, It could be endo, but your hormones are measuring menopausal
>and you're not on any HRT (prescription and or natural), so...I just
>don't know. You may make the disease on your own but that is very rare.
>But...I won't send you away in pain, here's some arthritic
>medication...celebrex 200mg, 1 capsule a day and we'll wait and see,
>some tylenol #3's to get you through the really bad days and well do
>another ultrasound on Aug.22 and we'll take it from there." The chronic
>pain clinic suggested sympathetic dystrophy but I feel again we are
>masking the problem not curing it. Help me, what should I do ??? I
>appreciate your letting me vent, especially today, the pain is almost
>unbearable. Your site is a God send. God Bless!
>surviving, sometimes just barely

Positive Affirmation

Say this with your hands above your head (victory style) and repeat three times: I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!

That should get you smiling!

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