To Lillianna, I have passed your e mail to Zoe

From: KathFindlay (
Fri Aug 17 23:36:00 2001

Dear Lillianna, I have passed your letter on to Zoe, but you might not get a reply straight away as she does not have access to a computer all the time as she had to give up work. I will phone her on Saturday and ask if she can pick up her mail.

She is a member of our UK adhesion group and normally posts on our sight. We have 2 or 3 other girls in a similar position to yourself if you would like to communicate with them then just let me know. Please write back and let me know about yourself where you are from. I had two children while having extensive adhesions, so please don't give up. It is possible .Just don't let them tell you that a hysterectomy will take your pain away. I was told this every time I had to go for surgery and I eventfully had it done after the birth of my two children but as you can see, I still have adhesions and I am still in pain. Please visit our site on you can read Zoe's story in our TREE of LIFE book of ARD sufferers.

PS. I tried to e mail you direct but the server wouldn't accept your e mail.

In Friendship Kath Findlay The United Kingdom Adhesion Society

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