ok i did it chiropractor aptt mon!!!

From: Colette (luckylady379@aol.com)
Fri Aug 17 16:31:04 2001

Well i think ui'm going to try a chiropractor for now hopefully maybe it will help a little at this point i need to try something! So my appointment is a 2;30pm on Mon> its a start right! Thanks everyone for pushing me an Marrianne thank you so much! Now my next step is a good family dr. I'm keeping the Gi appt for sept 28th! And i think i'm also going back to the Gyn that did my surgery and whine to him too! but i'm going to try a family doc first one step at a time right? My daughter went for her 2 week check up at the denist and did great all done for 6 months yaaa!!! Now for the boysHHHHmmmmmmmmm! Gosh i hurt so bad i'm going to see if i can get into a family doc just help with the pain until we figure out the next step! Ok healing thoughts to all and big hugs and lots of smiles your way! love Colette

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