to Cathy K. ")

Fri Aug 17 15:45:56 2001

Hi Cathy, Thank God for a great husband huh!? It's always nice to have an understanding and caring spouse while you are going through this awful devil pain. I wish I did know some doctors at UCLA, but unfortunately I don't. If I find any information, I promise to send it your way. I know exactly what you mean when you say you are tired of getting up each day, going to work, then coming home and going to bed. I've done that for some years then finally I gave into disability. It was really tough the first month, knowing that I wasn't going to work, feeling as if I was missing something out there because I wasn't going to work. I hope that you find help for your booboo and are able to lead a life as you should be. Please feel free to vent here, we are all here to listen and offer support, love and all that jazz....... ") Hugs and Love to you Cathy, ~Chrissie xo's

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