Re: ok i did it chiropractor aptt mon!!!

From: marianne bolding (
Fri Aug 17 16:58:56 2001

Yeah Colette, chiro won't have any cures but, it sure can feel good after just one appt. my chiro has a sign/diagram on his wall of the intestines and talks about how kinesiology can help with some bowel probs...IBS, etc...I hope you get some relief...It has taken me 4 appts. to really notice the difference in my hernia. Don't be discouraged if you don't get a good PCP at first...sometimes it takes a few doctors to find the one who listens to you...but, I hope you get one who listens the first time around!!! Like, my OB doctor doesn't take adhesions (or really anything I say seriously), yet, my PCP, when I was talking to him today about drs. not believing in adhesions (even printed paperwork to from the site to show him info.)told me..."I believe adhesions cause pain...just yesterday I referred a patient to a surgeon for adhesions". Wow!!! I almost fell off my chair....he even said he's willing to state legally that there is a 51/49 chance my adhesions were caused by a car injury. After my appt. I went and bought him some Rochero Ferrero (the chocolate that I can't eat anymore :-( I brought it back to him and told him that I hoped I would be able to keep him as my doctor through cobra or that I get repositioned at TUSD. He was so smiley...turns out that his birthday is tomorrow. It took 6 docs to get to him. I hope you find someone like that. Vahns???? I thought that they didn't make them topsiders and alligator shirts....that was the fad when I was in school. Hearing you say that brought me back to the 80's. God they had some wild designs, too!!! I'm so happy for you, Colette. Just because you're at a starting point....that may lead to feeling better. Have a good day...hope the pain subsides enough for you to enjoy some "feel good" time. Love ya!!!! Marianne --- Colette <> wrote: > Well i think ui'm going to try a chiropractor for
> now hopefully maybe it
> will help a little at this point i need to try
> something! So my
> appointment is a 2;30pm on Mon> its a start right!
> Thanks everyone for
> pushing me an Marrianne thank you so much! Now my
> next step is a good
> family dr. I'm keeping the Gi appt for sept 28th!
> And i think i'm also
> going back to the Gyn that did my surgery and whine
> to him too! but i'm
> going to try a family doc first one step at a time
> right?
> My daughter went for her 2 week check up at the
> denist and did great all
> done for 6 months yaaa!!! Now for the
> boysHHHHmmmmmmmmm!
> Gosh i hurt so bad i'm going to see if i can get
> into a family doc just
> help with the pain until we figure out the next
> step!
> Ok healing thoughts to all and big hugs and lots of
> smiles your way!
> love Colette

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