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From: marianne bolding (
Fri Aug 17 15:17:24 2001

I've researched this and found the article...thank you for the info. It seems it could be very helpful. My chiro also has me doing a neck exercise to deter the degenerative bone disorder which causes problems swallowing. Hope it helps...Thanks Jay, Marianne Bolding --- "Poutinen, Jay" <> wrote: > Do this exercise for a minute, several times a day.
> This was 100%
> successful on a small group of research subjects.
> -----------
> Who ever thinks about swallowing? It's as natural as
> breathing. Now a
> research team led by Reza Shaker, M.D., director of
> the Medical College of
> Wisconsin Digestive Disease Center, has found a way
> to use a simple exercise
> to improve people's ability to swallow - no surgery,
> no drugs.
> The Shaker exercise requires the patient to lie
> flat, raise his or her head
> until the toes become visible, without lifting the
> shoulders. That
> strengthens a complex group of throat muscles,
> allowing food or liquid to
> pass down the esophagus.
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> From: Jean Long []
> Sent: Friday, August 17, 2001 12:30 AM
> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
> Subject: Re: Marianne- my latest Drama
> Marianne,
> Yes, I have problems swallowing off & on. It
> wouldn't go down no matter how
> much I swallowed or drank.
> I don't know what causes it. Sometimes it is from
> the hernia backing the
> food up but not always. Maybe inflammation?

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