Re: Sweet Jo

Fri Aug 17 07:02:19 2001

Dearest Janet,

I just had to write, since I felt so close to you having surgery within one week of each other up in Pennsylvania by those wonderful skilled hands. I know we are not totally cured and may never be, I still suffer unscrumushly ( can NOT figure out how to spell this word, oh well. LOL spelling is not right here) but just to know that I have these doctor's under my belt is a god send.. I hope your family is well, my husband Dale, just found out on top of everything else he has Sugar Diabetes, so now we have to watch that, or he will die at a very young age, and he is only 42, just turned 44 on July 44, I usually get to Florida at least once a year and I am so disappointed in life right now. All I have is my wonderful 3 sons, my youngest has gotten into some trouble, never a dull minute !!

I really think of you often and your plight to get better, isn't it the way though? Tell your Mom and hubby God bless then. I really wish I could get away to Florida for a few days, and lay out at the pool go for a much needed relaxation swim. I

Anyway, I was been so depressed for so long, I really needed the Florida trip and it's free for us to fly in coach on American Airlines anywhere in the United States, so if I go...its' First Class all the way and good food usually and great service.

Well, I must go it's early here and all is well (the little sleeping beauties. I bought my hubby a pair of pajama pants with the drawstring last night and I didn't think he'd where them, but found them to be most comfortable.

Stay in touch, miss hearing from you. Let me know how your pain is. I am supposed to be on . I still take about 1-2 pain medication pills per day. I take MS-IR II, and that is supposed to be for breakthrough pain. It's very hard coming off medication when it's been two years, don't you think?

I love you and take care, my eyes are crossing that means it's off to bed for now.

Love and take care, will write more when I am up to it. The girl MIA (missing in action) I really miss hearing from you and I hope this find you.

It's off to write Mom and Dad, even though we have spoken several times. I would love to remain friends since we have a few things in common! Is that ski Karen

Karen Carter

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