From: Michelle (
Fri Aug 17 08:50:04 2001

Hello everyone. I do not have this AR that you speak about but I do have fibromyalgia. It is widespread pain throughout the body. My rheumatologist diagnosed me with it. But, I had to go through 2 years of testing before reaching this answer. There are many symptoms that mimic fibromyalgia. First I would have x-rays performed to see what actually may be there. Arthritis, disk problems ect could be causing back, hip, leg pain. I had x-rays from my neck down to the bottom of my buttocks. I am showing a small amount of arthritis in the lower back but nothing that would be causing the pain I have there. In addition to the x-rays I would have a complete blood work done. Thyroid problems can cause body pain too... It is amazing how if things are not working right what it will do to your body. :)

If the diagnosis is fibromyalgia there is no known cure for it at this time. It is trying to learn how to cope with the pain. This can be done through light exercise and a low carb diet. But I have found it is very hard to stick with. So for now I take Celebrex for the pain, synthroid for my thyroid as they have large solid nodules in them. See it is inter related...

If you have any questions please ask..

Michelle :)

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