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Fri Aug 17 01:25:54 2001

Aw Sally, I promise you it is nothing lively or anything you probably haven't heard from me before:

Of course Fudgesicles have many medicinal properties that the doctors are just not yet aware of...some adhesions are actually known to disenegrate once a patient begins to make Fudgesicle consumption a part of their daily regiment...

Now wouldn't that be what we'd all like to hear!

No, you know, mushy foods that can easily pass through, lots of water, breathing deep into the matter how much of this I do, I still have to take senna, about 3-4 a day ensures a bowel movement every 2 days...even still, I have to use glycerine suppositories to get things going, and even still it is not a perfect "plan" by any means, but I do not get backed up more than 3 days, and I have peace of mind knowing things are getting through.

Love to you Sally,


Dear Janet, Just to liven things up a little, I'd like to know a few of your personal tricks. Love, Sally

Janet Karam wrote:

Lesa, I'm so happy you're feeling relieved...phew! If you keep more regular now, you will feel better in this way more consistently...really try to keep yourself from getting so backed-up is huhe to keeping more comfortable. E-mail me personally if you'd like to know any of my personal tricks! Love, Janet

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