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From: Jean Long (
Fri Aug 17 01:17:56 2001

Marianne, NO BEANS or anything that produces gas! I very seldom touch beans or cabbage and NEVER carbonated beverages, the absolute worse! That is a sure time for serious belly kneading!! Ham produces excess water retention, thus bloating.....water pill time! Put some gingerale in next time you make ham to cut the salt. My worse food is Italian food, love it and can't stop that! That would just be because of the spices and cheese (my favorite).

I hate pea soup so can't help you with that!!! My mom use to make it, don't know if she still knows how or not. Dad just had another heart-attack and had a pace-maker/fibulator put in today so I don't want to bother her right now. He also had 4 by-passes a few years ago.

Gotta go to bed now....customer coming at 9:00am. This is on the board but useful info. for others with hiatal hernias. JEAN

"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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Still, more and more alike. I smoke a pack a day and sometimes more when I stress out. Lately...a pack and a half. I thought I had throat cancer. Maybe it is just the hernia. I ate alot yesterday...drank milk to see what would happen and had home-made lima bean soup...puked my guts in a trash can and then diarrhea...then it passed. My Lima beans with ham hock were sooooo gooood...but, I'm afraid to eat them know. I just stared at them as I was deciding what to make for dinner tonight. I put them in the freezer and made tuna casserole instead. It was a light meal and I feel the food settled well tonight. (Either I ate too much or the milk or the gas from the beans...probably all 3...are you safe with bean soups?) So, you telling me that little bit let's me know this might just be hernia. Could you tell me more about the water pills? We need to teach our husbands the heimlich just in case, huh? ha ha. Can you eat split pea soup...? I have bought dry split peas and would like to make this. I've been researching the net and haven't found any good ones. Any ideas? I have to take my vitamins one at a time, too. I had the same sort of experience hubby was at work. I had to stick my fingers in my throat. LOL Marianne

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