Re: More surgery at end of August.

From: Wally (
Fri Aug 17 01:15:01 2001

Hello Al,

I have asked you several times to contact me, as a fellow Aussie, I would like to be there to support you through this. Al, I had my ovaries out in April, and I had no support, or any idea of what I was in for! (By support I am referring to medical professionals such as councelling, which I am led to believe many women in Australia receive when they undergo this radical surgery). Please let me tell you that instant menopause is unbelievable! The hot flashes, mood swings just to start with.

I will respect your privacy & only contact you with your permission, please Alison, don't go through this on your own, I have alays been up front and honest with everyone on this board, and I have made some fantastic friends.

I will however ubdrstand if you choose not to contact me, and I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.


Jo Eslick (Bathurst, NSW Australia)

At Fri, 17 Aug 2001, al wrote: >
>I've just been scheduled for laproscopic surgery at the end of August.
>They're going in for possible adhesion removal, ovary removal and a
>general look see. They have said that they may need to remove a part of
>the vaginal vault as there is alot of scarring from the heamatoma's and
>the large bowel IS stuck to this scarring. I am very worried and
>loosing sleep, all the "What ifs" keep going through my head. They have
>made it clear that there is an increased risk of bowel perferation and a
>possibility that i could end up with a colostomy.
>Trying to keep a smile on my face.
>luv al

Try this!..........

Smile as often as you can at those you love..... and to strangers in the street.

The rewards are many.

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