Re: Bowel Obstruction?? To Marianne

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 16 00:55:12 2001

Lesa, I'm sooo sorry....I got real sick and had to run to the bathroom...been there for the past two hours...diarrhea and vomiting in a trash can. (Double Jeopardy my hubby calls it)...Pepto, an acid pill for the hernia, a heating pad and I'm back to try to attempt this again...I think you should go to the can poison the blood stream if you don't get things moving. That's what caused my fainting spells. And don't O.D. on those laxatives if they aren't doing anything....that scares me...I don't have any advice on passing those bowels...there was nothing I could do back then. Don't let this keep going on, Lesa...please get to your doctor. Love, Marianne --- wrote: > Hey Marianne! Hope everything is going better for
> you. How are you? There
> was this email from you but there was nothing there.
> Did you have some
> advise for me?
> Love,
> Lesa

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