Re: Lesa- Bowel Obstruction??

From: Jean Long (
Thu Aug 16 00:31:29 2001

Lesa, If you are one who takes laxatives fairly regularly you could have a resistance to the laxatives. I just went through that on my vacation...of all the things to forget I forgot my Herb-lax, the ultimate most important thing for me!! There were no Shaklee distributors up there so I got Senokot from the drugstore and took 4 or 5 and NOTHING. The next day we bought Ex-lax and I took 3 or 4 of them and went VERY LITTLE! I couldn't wait to get home and take my Herb-Lax, at least they keep working. I have been on them for MANY years every night. I do take alot of them but they work for me, everything else stops working over a very short period of time.

Janet is also right about the bowel preps for giving you a good clean out. JEAN

"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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Hello! I have a problem and am a little scared, I wanted to see if anyone had any advise. I have been having severe pain the last few days (more than usual)and really hadn't that good of a bowel movement in a week or I thought I'd take a laxative last night. Well I took four senokot's last night and still all today, nothing! I am afraid I have a bowel obstruction, my stomach is all bloated and the pain is pretty intense. I just took four more laxatives and I'm hoping by tomorrow morning they will have worked. But what if it doesn't? HELP!!

Love you all, Lesa

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