Re: Who are these doctors? Dr. Reich and Redan

From: janet karam (
Tue Aug 14 15:19:30 2001

Dear Jan,

I had surgery with Dr. Reich and Redan this past March, they are excellent doctors, and considered the by many to be the best in the field for treating those who suffer with adhesions, that is why I chose them. I travelled from Colorado to PA to have surgery there. By that time I was so sick, had been rejected by too many doctors, and heard too many stories of people who were treated by surgeons not knowledgeable about adhesions, and were worse off from having surgery with the wrong doctor.

There is no cure for adhesions yet, but to put yourself in the best care possible if you are needing sugert is of great through the adhesion Quilt, and you will get a better idea of what I mean by this. Dr. Redan and Reich are excellent, compassionate and highly trained laparascopic surgeons. Dr. Reich is an Obgyn surgeon, and Dr. Redan is a general my surgery, they worked as a team...I experienced the best medical care ever.

I am better than I was before my surgery still, though I am not cured or without pain. I manage my pain with Oxycontin, and as far as eating/digestion...that is an are where i just have to listen and constantly adjust.

You can e-mail Dr. Jay Redan at

Warmest regards,


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