Re: Hi Millie - hopital beds are rocks!

From: Millie (
Tue Aug 14 17:21:03 2001

Jo, Yes, there is a method to their madness, as well as ours. I'm all in favor of having my own room. I always got stuck with groaners or major complainers. Keep feeling better. Millie

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> I really think hospital beds are rocks on purpose Millie! LOL It's so
> that we don't get too comfortable & start demanding to go home to get
> some proper rest! LOL
> I was lucky & got a couple of hours sleep a night. Pethadine is very
> helpful to me for that. My room mates didn't like it though.....'cause
> it makes me snore! I even scored my own room every time I was admitted
> to Orange base Hospital.. The head nurse would see me being wheeled in
> & say "Hi Jo...mmm you snore, so I guess for everyone's sake I had
> better give you a room of your own".....hehehe that was fine by me!
> Thanks for the message
> Love, hugs & cheers
> Jo :-)
> At Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Millie wrote:
> >
> >Jo,
> >So glad you're back home!! Those hospital beds are like sleeping on
rocks. > >That is... If you can sleep!
> >Hope you will soon feel much better!
> >Love,
> >Millie
> >>
> --
> Try this!..........
> Smile as often as you can at those you love.....
> and to strangers in the street.
> The rewards are many.

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