Re: An awful tragedy /more confessions

From: Rosie (
Tue Aug 14 05:32:26 2001

Sally I'm so sorry you had to go through this awful experience. I can understand how you would feel anguish and guilt over this, as I'm always quick to take the blame for things too - I think it's just part of being a woman and always willing to take the blame for most things. It really wasn't your fault though - just a series of tragic circumstances. I hope you are feeling better emotionally (and physically now). Was the young girl a close friend of your's? Rosie

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> I am writing this against my husbands advice, but I find that I cannot
live > with myself, The pills she stole were mine, not the ones I take for pain,
> those were hidden, but other ones (generic) prescribed to me which I
believe > contained a lot of aspirin among other things, anyway they made me
nauseous, > but I didn't throw them away as I should have, I was going to take them to
the > pharmacy and find out what was in them.
> But regardless, if she hadn't known that I was on pain pills she wouldn't
have > taken them. I know she chose her own destiny in the long run, but I'm
bearing > such a weight of guilt. I've sat by elderly people and held their hand and
> read from the bible as they have died. It was peaceful and okay, they had
> lived a long life and were content. She didn't want to die and we spent so
> much energy trying to make her live and she couldn't. We did CPR, directly
> with oxygen into her lungs, (my husband got vomit in his eye), because
vomit > came out of the tube in her lungs from her lungs, we used a defibrillator
to > shock her heart, I called and called to her to come back, but she died
anyway. > I somehow feel like I should go off all narcotics.....If they are such a
draw > to the young for a false high, we have to be aware of this. That's why
mine > were hidden, but it didn't matter in the long run. She took something,
worse, > something that made her throw-up, and the combination of alcohol was just
too > much.
> Sally Grigg wrote:
> > Dear friends and anyone else reading this board, recently, a young, 20
> > year old girl who had just been diagnosed HIV positive stole a few
> > opiate prescription pain pills and died. We believe that she had only
> > taken a couple of pills plus drank a small amount of alcohol. She was
> > not trying to kill herself, but was trying to "escape the reality of her
> > dreaded disease". After her death it was learned that the tests were
> > wrong. She was not HIV positive at all. She had vomited during the
> > night from the pill/alcohol combination and it presumably went into
> > her lungs, killing her.
> >
> > So, please dear friends, never keep your pills where they can be stolen
> > by anyone: your kids, their friends, the neighbors, visitors, out and
> > out crooks, etc. and if you or anyone you know are tested for
> > something like aids, get a confirmation test. My husband is a volunteer
> > fireman and he said it was one of the worst calls he had ever been on.
> > They tried to bring her around. She was so young, pretty and healthy
> > looking, but they couldn't bring back the dead. We pray to God that she
> > is with him and resting peacefully in Heaven.
> >
> > I massaged her hands and feet for an hour calling for her to come back
> > but she couldn't. After they prolaimed her dead I said a prayer service
> > over her from memory. With great sorrow, Sally
> >

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