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From: Karla (
Mon Aug 13 18:25:59 2001

Everyone surrounding a baby that dies of SIDS has their own "guilt". I guarantee you this mother had her own guilt. After my grandbaby died of SIDS in March we all had our guilt....mine being because I wasn't home when it happened. Normally I was the one that was up early in the household....therefore I would have been there with Brayden and it wouldn't have happened. Yes, that is what I told daughter had her guilt...everyone around us had guilt. Even down to his godparents because they were going to call and do something with him and didn't. Yet noone needs to feel guilty. Even if that mother was glad you had the baby so she didn't feel guilty....I can bet you she had her own guilt. We find a way of making Gods out of ourselves...thinking that we could prevent death. Even doctors have been known to be holding their own babies and had them pass away in their arms without being able to revive them.


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> You know i really don't think i could do it but i think of it alot which > i know thats not healthy, I think its because I can't eat i have to > worry about everything that i put in my mouth and if i'm going to go the > next day! I know my kids need me! > I know you've had it rough i hope you are doing better and i'm so sorry > about that girl! Its not your fault really i think that it would of > happened anywhere she was exspecially if she was that bad off!! Years > ago i was babysitting a friends baby and his name was Tommy the baby > died of S I D S it was awful the guilt was worse she never blamed me! > She was actually glad i had the baby go figure!So on that aspect we have > something in common that feeling will go away i'm so sorry it happened > to you! I hope you are feeling ok? How is the INN doing? good i hope? > Well at least i have insurance and i can go to a mental health center > and see a doc. which i made an appt its Sept 28th with a gasteroligist! > I just don't know if i can endure all those test yuk!! I'v been having > extreme back and neck pain i understand the lower back but my neck? It > feels like its going to fall off! I was thinking about finding a family > doc. maybe he could give me something to help until the gasteroligist > appt>what do you think? I just don't know where to start here...should i > also call the gyn that did the surgery? I'm really confused! Hey you > take care i promise i'll post more and talk it out its just hard! But i > will try!! Ohh big hugs your way I love you! > Colette >

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