to Sally From Colette

From: Colette (
Mon Aug 13 16:46:53 2001

You know i really don't think i could do it but i think of it alot which i know thats not healthy, I think its because I can't eat i have to worry about everything that i put in my mouth and if i'm going to go the next day! I know my kids need me! I know you've had it rough i hope you are doing better and i'm so sorry about that girl! Its not your fault really i think that it would of happened anywhere she was exspecially if she was that bad off!! Years ago i was babysitting a friends baby and his name was Tommy the baby died of S I D S it was awful the guilt was worse she never blamed me! She was actually glad i had the baby go figure!So on that aspect we have something in common that feeling will go away i'm so sorry it happened to you! I hope you are feeling ok? How is the INN doing? good i hope? Well at least i have insurance and i can go to a mental health center and see a doc. which i made an appt its Sept 28th with a gasteroligist! I just don't know if i can endure all those test yuk!! I'v been having extreme back and neck pain i understand the lower back but my neck? It feels like its going to fall off! I was thinking about finding a family doc. maybe he could give me something to help until the gasteroligist appt>what do you think? I just don't know where to start here...should i also call the gyn that did the surgery? I'm really confused! Hey you take care i promise i'll post more and talk it out its just hard! But i will try!! Ohh big hugs your way I love you! Colette

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