Re: marrianne from Colette

From: marianne bolding (
Mon Aug 13 17:40:44 2001

Collette, It's not the hernia that affects the bowel movements...that has been like that since before surgery and after. More than likely adhesion related, or just a plain ole lazy bowel. I pass, it just takes more effort and a strict diet to deal with it. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well. I am in a frame of mind today where I'm not pouting or looking at the past...just what do I need to do know to move-on. If I linger too long on the personal feelings they wear me down with depression which makes my hernia symptoms (burning, diaphragm pressure, nausea, and light-headedness) aggravated immensely. Cobra is way expensive and I'm not going to be able to go that route. The only route I have is to get employment ASAP. You definitely need to get to the GI. I am so glad and relieved to have a diagnosis for my symptoms, now I can cope with them and do adjustments for them. That could be the case with you. It's one step at a time. Don't let that pain control you. Try to control it. I don't want you to float away in the wind when it blows because you lost so much weight (LOL)...I have more time on my hands...maybe I can come see you sooner? Maybe this month or next. What day is that GI...maybe I could make it to see you and go with your hubby going? I could take care of you a little afterwards :-)...I'm a little better...I think I could do it. Big hug and kiss...Love you, Marianne P.S. How's your baby girl? Kids ready for school yet? Thanks for your e-mails you know I love them. --- Colette <> wrote: > Hi Marrianne<
> I know how you feel about the cobra insurance its
> like $800 dollars for
> us gosh its like you can't afford to have medical
> problems! i don't like
> our new insurance but its better than nothing as
> long as i don't have to
> go to the ER with $100 co-pay ya right! If i get
> admitted they waiver
> the co-pay so i'd be begging the dr's to admitt
> meLOL!! But i think we
> anly have this insurance for 6 months and then its
> the best blue
> cross/blue shield nothing but the best! Thats
> because there was a bunch
> of billionares at the company to invest in it Wow!
> I found it interesting that a hernia can effect bm
> movements wow i think
> i might have upper digestive problems because i can
> hardly eat and i'll
> eat very small portion boy do i get sick and
> nausated then it feels like
> it does'nt digest my food properly because an half
> hr later i'm on the
> potty doing nothing sometimes i tell myself its in
> my head! I'm losing
> weight also! by the time i get to the GI doc he will
> want to admitt me
> for poor nutrition! My tummy hurts all the time! My
> husband got a pager
> just so i could get a hold of him poor guy he is so
> worried! I'm so
> tired all the time too! I just dred going to the GI
> dr. because i don't
> want all those test yuk!!Well i hope your feeling
> better! Hey i need you
> LOL!!!
> ((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))
> Love Colette

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