marrianne from Colette

From: Colette (
Mon Aug 13 17:23:16 2001

Hi Marrianne< I know how you feel about the cobra insurance its like $800 dollars for us gosh its like you can't afford to have medical problems! i don't like our new insurance but its better than nothing as long as i don't have to go to the ER with $100 co-pay ya right! If i get admitted they waiver the co-pay so i'd be begging the dr's to admitt meLOL!! But i think we anly have this insurance for 6 months and then its the best blue cross/blue shield nothing but the best! Thats because there was a bunch of billionares at the company to invest in it Wow! I found it interesting that a hernia can effect bm movements wow i think i might have upper digestive problems because i can hardly eat and i'll eat very small portion boy do i get sick and nausated then it feels like it does'nt digest my food properly because an half hr later i'm on the potty doing nothing sometimes i tell myself its in my head! I'm losing weight also! by the time i get to the GI doc he will want to admitt me for poor nutrition! My tummy hurts all the time! My husband got a pager just so i could get a hold of him poor guy he is so worried! I'm so tired all the time too! I just dred going to the GI dr. because i don't want all those test yuk!!Well i hope your feeling better! Hey i need you LOL!!! ((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))) Love Colette

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