Re: Prayers are requested for Marc Remijn from the Netherlands, whose surgery is today!!

From: Millie (
Mon Aug 13 17:31:23 2001

Dear Helen, My thoughts and prayers are with Marc for a successful surgery. Millie

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From: Helen Dynda To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 4:35 PM Subject: Prayers are requested for Marc Remijn from the Netherlands, whose surgery is today!!

Dear International Adhesions Society members and friends, Marc Remijn ( from the Netherlands is scheduled to have surgery today, August 13th, at the Klinikum Duisburg at Duisburg, Germany. Dr. Matthias Korell, a very skilled and experienced laparoscopic surgeon will be performing Marc's surgery.

With God's presence, your prayers and and Dr. Korell as his surgeon, Marc will be able to enjoy a much better quality of life. Please remember him in your prayers.

When Anne Hayashi (California), Laura Newman (Maryland), Mary Pomroy (Alberta, Canada) and I (Minnesota) had our adhesiolysis procedures on November 7, 2000 at the Klinikum Duisburg - with Dr. Korell as our surgeon - we had the privilege of meeting Marc. He had made a special trip to Duisburg to talk to Dr. Korell and Beverly Doucette (Wisconsin) about a possible adhesiolysis procedure.

Anne (with Masa, her husband), Mary, Beverly, Paul Lewis (Florida) and, I (with my husband, Don), took a train to Ghent, Belgium where we were met by Jan and Sylvie Verheyden - and their 2 year old daughter, Sarah - from Belgium. Marc met us at Ghent and he spent the entire day with us as the Verheyden's took us on a tour of the city of Ghent, where we actually walked through and viewed the interior of an historic castle. This was a wonderful international experience for all of us -- one of the highlights of our trip to Europe!!

Now that Marc is having his surgey today, we actually know who Marc is! In behalf of those I have mentioned above, I am sure that they too want to send Marc best wishes for success with his surgery!!

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