Thanks Janet! :)

From: Michelle (
Sun Aug 12 06:16:16 2001

I guess there really is no answer to this question as each one of us heal differently. It is a shame that alot of this happens to begin with because the doctors do not take the time to follow procedure. I am doing everything that has been suggested. Thanks very much again.

Michelle :)

>Dear Michelle, > >What I wouldn't do to have a great answer to your question. I >have tried every way imaginable in recovering from my last three surgeries, but >the best way I can say it is this...if you had a deep external wound, >is there anything you could do to keep a scar from forming? when our body >experiences trauma, it does a wonderful job of healing. The best we can do is to >rest, exercise, listen to your body when it comes to the right foods to eat, >amounts, etc, breathe deeply and think positive! > >Hugs and love, > >Janet

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