Twinges --- Sally

From: Michelle (
Sun Aug 12 06:21:37 2001

Hi again Sally. I fear every pain that I am feeling right now. Especially this awful pain on my right side. It is not even where the incision is. I wonder what they did to me? Pulled my skin over my head or something? hehehe

The doctor ordered a belly binder for me. I wore it until last week because it was causing more pain. I felt good until these last few days. I think the stitches are dissolving inside and leaving things unsupported. So I had to put the belly binder back on today. Talk about feeling like I am going backwards.. Like I just came home from the hospital.. I know this is temporary and will go away soon. :)

What type of surgery did you have that you are worrying over every little pain?

Michelle :)

>Dear Michele, yes, my dear you had an open incision, not a laproscopic one >where you just have little holes, so that means that it will take longer to >heal unfortunately. And you must not put too much stress on it and baby >yourself longer. But the walking still is valid, though again don't push >yourself too hard, you don't want tearing. You will probably be one of the >lucky ones, only a small percentage of women get adhesions, its not a given >with all operations and please(I know its hard) but don't take every twinge as >an adhesion. Now if I can only follow my own medicine, Love, Sally

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