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From: Rosie (
Sat Aug 11 20:46:20 2001

Marianne, I'm so sorry you got this bad news on top of everything else you're going through. Nothing like being kicked when you're down, huh! I know how you feel though. I lost my job last year but apparently I didn't rate as high as you as I didn't even get a letter - they left a message on my answering machine when I got home from work!!!! You will find something else. At least you can't take it personally as it sounds like it had nothing to do with you or your skills, just a cut back in funding. I hope something even better comes along! You deserve it - you seem like such a kind person! Rosie

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> I guess I need to deal with an issue that has come
> up...I received a letter in the mail stating..."Due to
> the recent budget cuts at TUSD (TUcson Unified School
> District) your position as a High School Finance
> Office Asst. has been eliminated. The Human Resources
> Dept. will be contacting you shortly to discuss the
> implications of your job being eliminated." signed my
> principal at the high hands are shaking
> like a leaf. I don't even want to tell my
> husband...and there goes my insurance...couldn't even
> tell me to my face at work about this...sent it in a
> letter. Dreaded ARD...thanks for ruining my life.
> I'm a mess now. Just when I try to think positive...I
> always end up with some more bad news. It never
> ends...first adhesions, then a hernia, now I've lost
> my job and insurance...and almost all hope. LIFE
> SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marianne
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