From: marianne bolding (
Tue Aug 14 01:50:40 2001

Rosie, Thanks. In my life...It feels I'm wearing a sign on my back that says "kick me...PLEASE...I have nothing better to struggle sock it to me good!" My mom and I have a joke where we're never supposed to say..."It can't get any worse." I guess God is telling me that he didn't want me to settle down with this "particular" job...he has some other plan for me. With a better, positive attitude I'll leave myself with "eyes" open so I can get on the course he's set for me. I hope it's good!! Hope you're feeling well, Rosie.------I like your name :-) Love, Marianne --- Rosie <> wrote: > Marianne, I'm so sorry you got this bad news on top
> of everything else
> you're going through. Nothing like being kicked when
> you're down, huh! I
> know how you feel though. I lost my job last year
> but apparently I didn't
> rate as high as you as I didn't even get a letter -
> they left a message on
> my answering machine when I got home from work!!!!
> You will find something
> else. At least you can't take it personally as it
> sounds like it had nothing
> to do with you or your skills, just a cut back in
> funding. I hope something
> even better comes along! You deserve it - you seem
> like such a kind person!
> Rosie

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> Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001 3:04 PM
> Subject: My job
> > I guess I need to deal with an issue that has come
> > up...I received a letter in the mail
> stating..."Due to
> > the recent budget cuts at TUSD (TUcson Unified
> School
> > District) your position as a High School Finance
> > Office Asst. has been eliminated. The Human
> Resources
> > Dept. will be contacting you shortly to discuss
> the
> > implications of your job being eliminated."
> signed my
> > principal at the high hands are
> shaking
> > like a leaf. I don't even want to tell my
> > husband...and there goes my insurance...couldn't
> even
> > tell me to my face at work about this...sent it in
> a
> > letter. Dreaded ARD...thanks for ruining my life.
> > I'm a mess now. Just when I try to think
> positive...I
> > always end up with some more bad news. It never
> > ends...first adhesions, then a hernia, now I've
> lost
> > my job and insurance...and almost all hope. LIFE
> > SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marianne
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