Re: 3 weeks post-op, hysterectomy, what can I do to lesson adhesions?

From: marianne bolding (
Sat Aug 11 14:47:40 2001

I would suggest not doing what I did. Don't pay attention to every symptom and think about what they mean...and don't stay down too long...(this is mentally bad...and the body stiffens)...try to move around as much as you can...stretch when you can, too. Pay attention to your diet. All these things may do nothing, but, at least know that you tried what you could. I had major post-surgical depression...eating right and getting the proper vitamins is a good idea at fending this off. Give your body a break from excessive fiber after surgery, too. I have read its hard to process foods that are high in fiber and are processed (canned goods, etc). Milk makes antibiotics and other meds not work does pineapple. Otherwise...just don't push yourself to fast. A good 3-4 weeks is crucial in healing the muscles. I got this info from my doctor after my recuperation didn't go well. Hope you feel better soon...and are up and around (maybe not jumpin jacks...LOL) Love, Marianne --- Michelle <> wrote: > Hello everyone. I had a total abdominal
> hysterectomy on July 19th.
> Uterus, ovaries, tubes, cervix. I am doing alot of
> resting as I was
> told to do. But since I have chronic pain in my
> back I have started to
> walk and sit more everyday. I am wondering. I am
> scared to death of
> developing more adhesions that what I will get from
> the surgery. Is
> there anything else I should be doing so that I do
> not develop more? I
> know to not lift anything heavier than 5 pounds and
> bending over is a no
> no. Anything else?
> Thank You,
> Michelle :)

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