Re: hospital stay

From: marianne bolding (
Sat Aug 11 00:33:29 2001

Tara, I'm so sorry that you're being treated that're not alone...alot of people with this disease get treated like that. I think there's very "few" people on this board that "don't" get bothered by bloating and all the other nasty symptoms that come with this "thing". I can't count how many months I dealt with doctors like yours. IV drips and all...everything is always some viral infection. I withdrew from the whole thing for a while...used to cry to my husband and tell more doctors...didn't care how sick I was...just didn't want to deal with the humiliation anymore. All I can say is don't give up. Print as much info as you can get on adhesions and keep looking for the doctor who'll listen to you. Whether it be surgery or pain deserve the right to live your life with relief from the pains. God be with you. Love, Marianne --- "Tara S." <> wrote: > I just got out the hospital today after going in -
> again - on Wednesday
> evening.
> Although I managed to convince them that I had an
> obstruction, the dr
> admitted me into the hospital (NPO - even when I had
> only thrown up once
> due to a dose of Oxycontin - pain meds always do
> that to me). However,
> They only put an IV in me and sent me for X-rays.
> Yesterday, they sent
> me for X-rays again.
> I didn't see the dr or hardly anyone else all this
> time. Just the
> person coming around to check everyone's vitals.
> When the dr finally
> did show up, he told me I looked a bit better and
> we'd see about letting
> me go home if I still looked the same the next day.
> They did NOTHING! I could have laid around at home
> like that without
> water or anything - more comfort and convenience and
> less money. I told
> him that, of course I looked a bit better - I'd
> already told him that it
> got a little bit better after I lie around for
> several hours. But after
> I'm up for a few hours, it all gets worse again and
> I can't function.
> Does this happen to everyone else? Even when it's
> good it's bad, and the
> bloating is still there. Only instead of 7-8
> months, it looks more like
> 4-5 months. Is that supposed to mean I'm better?
> So what do I do now? After arguing with the hospital
> (I won't go into it
> - I will never go back to that one.), I ended up
> leaving. I was in
> between dr's anyway. I can't seem to find one who
> listens to me at all.
> I've developed such a bad attitude towards them and
> the whole healthcare
> system in general. And I used to be such a good
> patient...

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