hospital stay

From: Tara S. (
Fri Aug 10 17:37:58 2001

I just got out the hospital today after going in - again - on Wednesday evening. Although I managed to convince them that I had an obstruction, the dr admitted me into the hospital (NPO - even when I had only thrown up once due to a dose of Oxycontin - pain meds always do that to me). However, They only put an IV in me and sent me for X-rays. Yesterday, they sent me for X-rays again.

I didn't see the dr or hardly anyone else all this time. Just the person coming around to check everyone's vitals. When the dr finally did show up, he told me I looked a bit better and we'd see about letting me go home if I still looked the same the next day.

They did NOTHING! I could have laid around at home like that without water or anything - more comfort and convenience and less money. I told him that, of course I looked a bit better - I'd already told him that it got a little bit better after I lie around for several hours. But after I'm up for a few hours, it all gets worse again and I can't function.

Does this happen to everyone else? Even when it's good it's bad, and the bloating is still there. Only instead of 7-8 months, it looks more like 4-5 months. Is that supposed to mean I'm better?

So what do I do now? After arguing with the hospital (I won't go into it - I will never go back to that one.), I ended up leaving. I was in between dr's anyway. I can't seem to find one who listens to me at all. I've developed such a bad attitude towards them and the whole healthcare system in general. And I used to be such a good patient...

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