Re: Bowel / Intestinal Obstruction...Constipation...Omentum.

From: marianne bolding (
Sat Aug 11 00:18:07 2001

Lillian...I have...since my surgery. At first they said it was a good sign because it meant there was activity...but, it never really settled down. I feel it in the left intestinal feels like the intestine flutters around...literally moves with gas and belching...I was recently diagnosed with a hernia...but, this feels different...frankly it's the strangest feeling I've ever had...since I've never been pregnant I wouldn't know what that feels like. It pulsates alot, too. I don't know the answer...but, I can tell you I've been working with my doctor on it and hoping it goes away. Weird....Marianne --- wrote: > Has any one ever had extreme abdominal pains
> paassing gasbut haavung all kind
> of movement in your belly like its a baaby moving
> in there
> Lillian

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