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From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 8 13:31:31 2001

Rosie, You should call your sister and ask her a few questions about how she is. What if she doesn't talk about it 'cause noone else does, or maybe she doesn't want to load her probs onto you, or even worse...maybe she still suffers silently. She could have something to share. Are you two close? Nausea...yuck. Before surgery to remove my adhesions I was nauseaus every day till I started vomiting and fainting. My doc didn't want to give me laproscopy either...he didn't have a choice when my weight kept dropping and I started fainting...I sort of wouldn't take "no" for an answer. (I didn't know about skilled surgeons or even adhesions then-not till after I was diagnosed did I learn about them). Unfortunately, they do not know why I got adhesions. I had never had a prior surgery. I was the victim of a hit and run accident three months before the pain kicked in...the doctor and I have been discussing the possibility of pelvic trauma from this. And know that I was diagnosed with the seems even more so that this accident has done some damage. or I had an ovarian cyst rupture in December that could have infected that whole lower area causing the two adhesions. Then having surgery to remove them could have caused the hernia. I used to think it was poor diet and smoking. I think it still shouldn't be ruled out. I just don't know. You are sweet to ask...talking about it always makes me feel better. If I couldn't talk about it I wouldn't feel I had a "grip" on it. It is only through knowledge and understanding that I can have hope. (For what I'm not sure...just in knowing that I am doing my part to behave and take care of myself I guess). Are you on the quilt, Rosie? I, too can't remember everyone's stories...but, the longer on the board then the more (over time) you remember about everyone. I just got back from New Life Health Stores...I bough flaxseed meal (is that good), acid-ease by prevail, soy dream vanilla (never tried it--hope I like it), a digestive tea for after meals (I hate any tea-but cold sun tea...this is going to take getting used to), and yuck...some aloe vera juice (it's supposed to help de-toxify my body and aid my digestive system). I'm not excited about this...but, I want to do what's right. I don't want to end up with my stomach eaten away. I "always" try natural first, if it doesn't work...then I do pharmaceutical...(although I have to do both for now). You sound like a very nice are so funny about your toenail. What exactly is wrong with it? Why will removing its nail help your pain? Thanks for the info on the flaxseed...any other stuff you use like that feel free to share with me. I absorb all info...I try to keep an open mind and then make decisions I feel are best for myself. That's all any of us can do. You stay sweet. Love, Marianne --- Rosie <> wrote: > Marianne do you have nausea very often? I've noticed
> it some lately too,
> though it is very mild. What were your adhesions
> caused by? I gather you
> have not had a Hysterectomy as you mentioned your
> fallopian tubes. I'm still
> having trouble with remembering everyone's stories.
> I need to make time to
> go over to the site and read the stories on the
> quilt. I've been there but
> it has been awhile. If you start to use the
> flaxseed, just be sure to get
> the ground up flax meal (I buy it in the
> refrigerated section at the health
> food store). I've heard that the whole flax seeds
> can be very irritating. I
> like the vanilla soy milk best - the plain isn't bad
> when mixed with other
> things, but I can't swallow it by itself. The coffee
> and chocolate flavors
> aren't bad though. Yes, maybe my adhesions do run
> all the way from my toe to
> my butt - or at least if they don't now they
> probably will by the time they
> get through carving on my toe! The doctor plans to
> remove my nail root so I
> will never have a toenail on that toe again. At this
> rate I will be more
> disfigured than the Elephant Man! Maybe I can apply
> for work at the circus
> in their freak show! I've always liked painting my
> toenails, but I guess 9
> bright pink ones and one bald one won't look the
> greatest. Maybe I'll check
> in on some press on toenails.
> Rosie

>> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "marianne bolding" <>
> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS"
> <>
> Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 8:20 PM
> Subject: Re: gross question
> > I've been hit with a wave of nausea...but, want to
> try
> > my best to answer a couple of your
> questions...yes. I
> > had surgeory through an OB doctor...he determined
> my
> > fallopian tube adhered to my sigmoid
> colon...causing
> > the blockage. You eat very well, Rosie. I've
> heard
> > lots of stuff about flaxseed...but, have yet to
> try
> > it.and know (today) I realize I can no longer
> drink
> > soy is something I'll be trying
> > suggest vanilla? Is the plain bad? My bowel
> > movements were also solidifed but
> ribbony...eventually
> > it led to constipation then diarrhea. You'll know
> > when it's time to do something more serious about
> your
> > bowels. Unfortunately, the body very unkindly let
> you
> > know when things are worsening. Bowel problems
> and a
> > big fat toe...I wonder if that adhesion isn't
> attached
> > from your toe to your butt...LOL What will they
> do to
> > this big toe of yours? I pray your bowel problems
> > don't intensify and your big toe heals well. Bet
> you
> > can't even wear a shoe, huh? Love, Marianne
> Thanks-
> > your e-mail makes me feel better. (though still
> > nauseous)
> > --- Rosie <> wrote:
> > > Thanks for replying Marianne! Did you have to
> have
> > > surgery for the partial
> > > obstruction? I think my anger with the doctor
> who
> > > did this to me is almost
> > > as bad as the pain! I don't have trouble with
> > > constipation and I have a bowl
> > > of oatmeal with 2 tblsps. of flax meal in a cup
> of
> > > soy milk & a mashed
> > > banana for breakfast every morning - YUMMY!
> Actually
> > > it's not bad when you
> > > use the vanilla soy milk. I don't have trouble
> > > having bowel movements and
> > > they are solidified - just rather ribbon shaped
> as I
> > > heard one lady on the
> > > list mention awhile back. I thought maybe it was
> a
> > > temporary thing, but it
> > > has remained like that for several weeks now. I
> have
> > > a doctor's appointment
> > > Monday (pre-surgery) so I will ask him about it.
> I
> > > am terrified of any kind
> > > of surgery now after what happened with my
> > > Hysterectomy. I go in the
> > > hospital next Thursday for surgery though on my
> -
> > > wait everyone, - don't
> > > laugh - are you ready? ------ MY BIG TOE!!!!
> LOL!
> > > A table fell on it a
> > > couple of months ago and apparently injured it
> worse
> > > than I thought - I'll
> > > be bedridden for 2 weeks and won't be able to
> walk
> > > for a month! Can you
> > > believe it? Do you suppose I'll get adhesions on
> my
> > > toe and they will form a
> > > third foot? My luck - LOL!
> > > Rosie

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