adhesions in bowels

Sun Aug 5 10:55:50 2001

I pray this letter reaches someone out there that has bowel obstructions. I don't know what web site to log onto to talk to people with this problem...I need to just talk about this with someone who has this problem, my problems started when I was diagnoised with Ulcerative Colitis, I kept telling the doctor's over, and over, this is not the disease, there is something else in there, and finally they went in, and removed six lb's of scar tissue, on my right side of my abdomen, also had to remove 3 ft. of my small bowels, after this surgery, the pain was back with in two weeks, only to get worse than before...It's been over 6 years since the diagnoises of the disease, and 5 years since the surgery, and like most others, the doctor's tell me the same thing, there is nothing they can do for me, I even went to UCLA, per my doctor's request, and was told the same today I'm finally reaching out for help. I also see a Pain Management Doctor, which he put me on morphine tabs daily, yes they help somewhat, but this pain never leaves, ever. This is just some info on myself, I also take Chemo by tabs daily for the Colitis, which is doing pretty good. but my problems are with the bowel obstructions, which are caused by adhesions...My e-mail is listed ofcouse, please respond only if you are suffering with these horrid problems as I do..thank you for listening...have a great day...and God Bless...Cindy

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