Re: adhesions inside colon??

Sun Aug 5 09:38:28 2001

Dear Tara, I"m sorry you are having these problems. It seems I can remember the bloating along with the pain.My bowel movements were very ribbony looking. The colonoscopy showed normal tissue inside but the GI doc told me that he literally had to dilate my rectum to get in and with all the kinks it was very hard to carry out the colonoscopy without tearing the bowel. Then he told me if my Obgyn did not want to help me I should change docs and so I did. He Had me on Robinul to help he said keep the motility going.It has abad drying affect especially for contacts at first but the everything adjusted. I don't know about adhesions in the colon itself but I imagine those things can take over there too because the take over the ureters and the tubes. I hope this can be of help. I am 6 wks postop and feeling very well at this time and if I can be of assistance please let me know. Painfree Hugs [[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]]]] lillian You can Email me

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