Re: adhesions in bowels

From: marianne bolding (
Sun Aug 5 13:26:09 2001

You have reached the right place. Many here suffer from bowel problems. LOL I myself am on a medication for what they think is ulceritive colitis...Called "Ranitidine". They have put me on this for problems I have had since surgeory in June to remove an adhesion from the lower bowel to the fallopian tube. Before my surgeory there was nothing I could have done for myself to make the bowels pass...if they are blocked they are blocked...and it's such a serious waste can back into the blood stream causing fainting and severe vomiting. I hope you keep searching for a doctor who will listen to you and treat your problems seriously. Mine didn't and it wasn't until I reached the point of fainting that someone listened to me. They don't even know if I have colitis yet...and they are treating me for it anyhow. Maybe you can help me a little, too. How (or what test) did your doctor perform to diagnose your colitis? and what symptoms did you have with this? I hate it when they give you pills for treatment of something and they aren't even sure you have it yet. You will find lots of support here, we may not be able to take the pain away...but, it's important to not feel that you're alone with this problem and to talk about it. I will forward some links to the site that were provided by Helen D. they are wonderful bits of info. and there are drs. specialized in adhesiolysis in PA that accept e-mail questions. (just not lengthy messages with too much details) I will forward this link also. I send you my best and hope you find the support you need here. Love, Marianne --- BOBBY LOVE'S HIS MY CYNTH <> wrote: > I pray this letter reaches someone out there that
> has bowel
> obstructions. I don't know what web site to log onto
> to talk to people
> with this problem...I need to just talk about this
> with someone who has
> this problem, my problems started when I was
> diagnoised with Ulcerative
> Colitis, I kept telling the doctor's over, and over,
> this is not the
> disease, there is something else in there, and
> finally they went in, and
> removed six lb's of scar tissue, on my right side of
> my abdomen, also
> had to remove 3 ft. of my small bowels, after this
> surgery, the pain was
> back with in two weeks, only to get worse than
> before...It's been over 6
> years since the diagnoises of the disease, and 5
> years since the
> surgery, and like most others, the doctor's tell me
> the same thing,
> there is nothing they can do for me, I even went to
> UCLA, per my
> doctor's request, and was told the same
> today I'm finally
> reaching out for help. I also see a Pain Management
> Doctor, which he put
> me on morphine tabs daily, yes they help somewhat,
> but this pain never
> leaves, ever. This is just some info on myself, I
> also take Chemo by
> tabs daily for the Colitis, which is doing pretty
> good. but my problems
> are with the bowel obstructions, which are caused by
> adhesions...My
> e-mail is listed ofcouse, please respond only if you
> are suffering with
> these horrid problems as I do..thank you for
> listening...have a great
> day...and God Bless...Cindy

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