Re: Improving Doctor-Patient Communication -- Steps for patients

From: Kelly Murray (
Fri Aug 3 17:48:43 2001

Helen, As you know I am 2 and a half months post-op from surgery in Pa. I am still having considerable pain and having bladder problems. The Pain Management doc who I see said he was going to release me after my next appt. which is next week. I feel very scared about this. I am hoping within time my pain level will go down on its own. What do you suggest on what I can say to the pain doc to please continue seeing me until I can heal up or ? The last visit I had with him, he gave me Lortab, which has helped the most. I do not like being on meds at all but I do not like being in pain all the time either. I have been trying to lessen my daily stress to see if the pain is better. At times, this does seem to lessen the pain. I have a new job at Teen Drug Court that I really like. It is a very interesting and low-stress job. I feel like I may have nerve damage or something. It was interesting to read about the Omentum on the previous postings. Could it be that I have nerve damage in this area? Has anyone been told that they have nerve damage? I feel all of my intestinal movements and it hurts very bad in the pelvic area when this goes on. I also still have a lot of stress incontinence that hurts. On a good note, I am leaving next week on a Bahama Cruise and a trip to Orlando. I am hoping that I can get some good relaxation in. Maybe with my stress level down, the pain will lessen. I am very scared thinking about not having any pain management. I am going to start on some Tai Chi or Yoga when I get home. Kel

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