Re: Could they be back?Jennifer

From: Jennifer (
Fri Aug 3 18:10:00 2001

Thanks Sally. I feel that my dr knows a lil bit about them all, he says he doesn't want to go back in and he knew something was wrong with me as soon as he did a transvaginal ultrasound. He's done once since my surgery as I told him about my pain still occuring. He has showed me everything on the screen as he finds it. and last time there was nothing but 2 spots that we could see. He doesn't think they will come back right now, and is trying to help with all my other problems at the moment. Like abnormal cells and my nonfunctional tube on one side. He does NOT want to go back in again. I feel that he will try everything medically possible and possibly alternatively to stop this from reoccuring. But I will read up on adhesions the best I can and let him know what I have found out. Once again thank you. Jennifer

At Thu, 02 Aug 2001, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Dear Jennifer, please read the adhesions web site and
>look at it all. I mean heavy research, especially the e-mails from Helen Dynda
>and Beverly. There is a lot there and there are no simple answers. Please
>don't let any doctor touch you until you have learned a lot more. Good luck,
>It's hard, but this board is here for you to talk to and please follow
>through. Most gynecologists are not really prepared for adhesions and can do
>more harm then good, in my opinion. So please do not let anyone operate on
>you until you do your homework. Good luck and I'm truly sorry this had to
>happen to you so young. I too got adhesions when I was only 22. Love, Sally

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