Validate Your Pain! Exposing the Chronic Pain Cover-Up.

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Aug 3 15:23:29 2001

(I don't recall who wrote this. I assume that Beverly Doucette did.)

[]> Validate Your Pain! Exposing the Chronic Pain Cover-Up

"Validate Your Pain! Exposing the Chronic Pain Cover-Up" is a book by Allan E. Chino and Corinne Dille Davis. The publisher is Health Access Press (Their web page is at: The ISBN number is 0-9673439-2-5; and it can be purchased for $19.95.

This book was sent to me by a friend and fellow pain patient. I have not had a chance to read it yet; but it looks like a pretty good book. There's alot of good information for pain patients in this book!! Once I get a chance to read it, I will be able to tell you more.

You may need to learn to say something like this to your doctor -- or it may need to be worded a little differently; but you need to be very candid and truthful and know about the problems that doctors face if they are going to treat pain. It need not be THIS forceful but use what you think you may need from this little speech

"Doctor I know the danger you face if you treat my pain with adequate and ongoing opioid medicine; but, I'm dealing with 'suicidal pain levels' here and I need your help to survive and keep my job. You may not be aware that even the DEA is now supporting the proper treatment of pain with opioids. To be able to hold a job and function I'll need adequate pain medication. If you aren't willing to provide me with that ongoing help, then at least 'cover me' by writing a prescription for one month's worth; so I can arrange a flight to where I CAN get that help.

"You may not know that the DEA made this statement in Dallas on March 17, 1998: "The DEA has consistently emphasized and supported the prescriptive authority of a physician under the CSA to prescribe, dispense or administer controlled substances for the treatment of pain within acceptable medical standards. These are the guidelines they agreed to that day; and I've downloaded them from the University of Wisconsin ( ) so that you can have a copy to cover yourself. They are the "accepted medical standards" that the DEA agreed to that day."

(Note: Give the doctor a copy of the guidelines too. He may be naive enough to believe they were telling the truth. Click on the DEA in Dallas and you can see how they knew Barry McCaffrey was controlling Hollywood scripts to make it look bad to control pain at the very time that speech was given. If your doctor knows that you're informed enough to know what liars they are, he or she will trust you even more!)

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